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Sarasota vacation rentals

Sarasota is a popular vacation destination best known for its vibrant cultural attractions, pristine beaches and amazing arts scene. If you have a holiday planned for you in the beautiful city in the sunny state, there are several Sarasota vacation rentals available for you. Here are a few:

1. Condos and apartments: Many visitors prefer condos or apartments as these are both, high-rise buildings or low-rise complexes that offer several amenities like pools, gymnasium, and a beachfront access.

2. Beachfront Properties: Sarasota houses for rent also include breathtaking beachfront properties that are literally right on the beach. These properties often provide you with the best experiences of the Gulf of Mexico. 

3. Vacation Resorts: These properties often offer you will pretty much all amenities at one place including restaurants, bars, private pool access, spas, water sports, to name a few. 

4. Gated Communities: Sarasota homes for rent have gated communities as a common vacation rental destination. These properties are best for visitors who enjoy the peace and quiet. 

5. Pet-friendly Rentals: If you are planning trips with your pets, some vacation homes in the city offer pet-friendly amenities for you and your furry friends to enjoy.

Vacarentalhome: Your Gateway to Sarasota Vacation Rentals

Choosing Sarasota vacation rentals through offers you numerous advantages. Here are couple of reasons why finding your perfect getaway through is this user-friendly platform can be of help:

1. Convenience and variety: With Vacarentalhome, you can be rest-assured to find a large variety of vacation rentals in Sarasota. Whether you are looking for beachfront properties, downtown apartments, or private homes. Your perfect vacation home is just a search away.

2. Local Expertise: The platform has ways for you to navigate Sarasota house for rent. You can access to valuable insights and get apt recommendations to make informed decisions about your stay. 

3. Transparent Pricing: Vacarentalhome ensures transparent pricing about vacation homes in Sarasota, making it easy for you to choose the right home that suits your budget. 

4. Secure Bookings: Your personal details are a hundred percent secure when you book your vacation rentals in Sarasota through Vacarentalhome. This will give you a peace of mind, knowing that your information is safe while booking. 

5. Dedicated Customer Support: If you were to face any issue related to booking your vacation rental, Vacarentalhome makes it absolutely sure of the fact that all your queries are met with immediately. The dedicated team of customer support ensures you have a smooth booking experience.

Things to do in and around Sarasota Vacation Rentals. 

    Cultural and Arts

The Ringling – So much to explore here like the John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art and the spectacular Ca’d’Zan mansion. 
Sarasota Opera House: Explore amazing opera performances in this historic setting. 
Art Galleries: Sarasota is famously known for its amazing art. There are numerous art galleries to explore here. 


Siesta Key Beach: With a popularity for its powdery white sand and crystal-clear waters, this is a must-visit destination for visitors. And to know that Sarasota vacation rentals give you the opportunity to explore this first hand is top notch! 
Longboat Key: This is a quiet beach as opposed to the others and has the perfect romantic settings as you can find beautiful sunsets. 

  • Outdoor Activities

These include: 

-    Golf
-    Fishing 
-    Kayaking
-    Paddleboarding, and lots more. 

  • Family-Friendly Attractions

Sarasota Children’s Garden: A whimsical garden designed especially for children’s activities.

Big Cat Habitat and Gulf Coast Sanctuary: Here you can find plenty of exotic animals.

•    Travel to nearby cities

West Palm Beach: If you have time in your clock and you are a road trip fanatic, here is a beautiful city that is not that far from Sarasota. You can visit West Palm Beach and explore pristine beaches like the Lake Worth or explore the vibrant nightlife in Clematis Street.
Port Charlotte: The two cities – Port Charlotte and Sarasota -  are connected by the Tamiami Trail (U.S. Route 41), which is a scenic highway that runs from Tampa in the north to Miami in the south, providing easy access between the two areas.


Booking Process for Sarasota Vacation Rentals 

The booking procedure for Sarasota vacation rentals is typically straightforward. However, these procedures may vary depending on the different properties. Here is a general overview of the procedure:

1.  Online Search: Be it Sarasota vacation rentals with private pool or a rental with direct access to the beach. The best way (if you live afar), you can refine your search for your vacation home is by exploring online. This will help you understand the area, amenities, price, etc. 

2.  Property Selection and Check Availability: You can browse the kind of vacation home you are looking for and if suits your requirements, you can go ahead and check the availability of said property. Sarasota houses for rent give you a variety of options to choose from and so, searching thoroughly can help you find the right one. 

3.  Contact host: Once you are done selecting your vacation rental, you can go ahead and contact the host and ask for a better insight about the neighborhood, price, restaurants, etc.

4.  Reading House Rules and making reservation: Once you are done choosing your Sarasota vacation rentals, you should go ahead and read a renter’s agreement, or the house rules and go ahead and make the reservation. 

5.  Payment: And when you are done with making your reservation, the next step is to securely make the payment. After which you will receive a confirmation email or text by the owner to confirm your booking/reservation.

6.  Check-in and enjoy your stay: When you finally make it to one of your Sarasota vacation rentals, relax and have a wonderful stay. During your trip, should you face any issues, feel free to contact the property manager for more assistance. 

How to move around Sarasota?

1.  Car rentals: This is a common practice and also a convenient one. Getting around and exploring the city in its truest natural form.
2.   Ridesharing services: Services like Uber and Lyft are widely available in Sarasota. This can help you move around from your Sarasota vacation rentals to the city. This is also a more pocket-friendly option.
3.  Public Transportation: Many tourists have a knack to travel with public transportation to understand the atmosphere of the place better. 
4.  Biking: If your inner athlete gives you a kick, grab onto a bike and ride along the beautiful roads of Sarasota. 

These are just a couple of ways to get around the city. When you visit your vacation home in Sarasota, you will get to explore more and more ways to travel around the city. 


1.  What are the best Neighborhoods for vacation rentals in Sarasota?
Ans: There are a few areas where you can rent your Sarasota vacation rentals which are: 
-    Siesta Keys
-    Downtown Sarasota
-    Lido Key 
-    Longboat Key

2.  What are the most popular types of vacation rentals in Sarasota?
Ans: There are condos and apartments, single-family homes, beach houses, resort villas, pet-friendly homes, to name a few. If you keep your research apt, you can definitely find Sarasota houses for rent that cater to all your requirements. 

3.  What is the average cost of renting a beach house in Sarasota?
Ans: These properties include beach houses, that typically command for a higher price. The expected minimum amount per night that you may have to pay is anywhere from $400 to $1500 or more per night. These rates may vary based on the property size, location and the various amenities. 

4. Are there any pet-friendly vacation rentals in Sarasota?
Ans: Sarasota houses for rent offer you a variety of homes that offer you pet-friendly options, where you can take your furry friends along for the journey, as well. It is always best, however, to check the various pert policies before making a reservation. 

5. Can we rent a House with a Pool in Sarasota?
Ans: Sarasota vacation rentals with private pool is commonly available. It is a high-demand amenity that visitors absolutely need. And there for it is easily available in various properties in Sarasota. 

6. Can I find a one-bedroom vacation rental in Sarasota?
Ans: Absolutely! Sarasota vacation rentals come in several different varieties that cater to the needs of all kinds of groups including a solo traveler or a couple who wish to stay in a one-bedroom home.